Vendor Load-in

Please follow these guidelines for loading in:
Step 1: Park in on your allotted side. We know space is limited, so please be, fast, courteous, and considerate.
Step 2: Check-in at HQ. Unload your car. Place your items on the sidewalk. Bring whatever you can with you to the check in table. After you check in, bring all of your items to your 10X10 area.
Step 3: Move your vehicle out of the parking lots. Please make it easy for Festival Attendees to get to the festival.

2017 Schedule

 HQ/Entry TentTent 1Tent 2
10am-11amWelcome to
the 2017
Book Festival!
Welcome to
the 2017
Book Festival!
Welcome to
the 2017
Book Festival!
11:15am-12:00pmBob Oller—How Book Illustrators Tell & Sell Your Story
12:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
A Knife in the Back,
and The Amazing
Adventure of
Superior Sam
12:00pm-12:30pmLarry Hinkle (Music)
12:30pm-1:00pmPanel 1— Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi
Genre as metaphor: The monsters (or bad guys) are us!

Moderated By: Brian Paone
Panelists: Leslie Heath, Erin Crocker, Keith Fentonmiller, John Gaines, Keith Fentonmiller, Anthony Dobranski
Panel 2—Romance
Beyond the beats: How to create a story that is intriguing AND satisfies audience expectations.

Moderators: Carey Heywood and Mary Behre
Panelists: Natalina Reis, Maryann Jordan, Katie Baldwin
Grace DeLeesie, Pamela K. Kinney/Sapphire Phelan
1:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
The Fire King,
Georgiana Darcy,
and The Last
Mayor's Son,
1:15pm-1:45pmTasha Fuller—How to Promote Your Book Like a Pro
2:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
Desert Jewel,
and Vargrom:
Modrad's Exile
2:15pm-3:00pmPanel 3— Mystery/Thriller: Writing a dynamic protagonist

Moderator: TBA
Panelists: Adriana Arrington, William Wilson, D.B. Corey, P.A. Duncan, Suzi Weinert
Panel 4—YA: Respecting your audience: Tapping into real teenage problems

Moderator: Theresa Kay
Panelists: Rysa Walker, Mara Mahan, Erin Crocker, Marianne Kirby
3:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
Natasha and the
Christmas Wish,
King Arthur's Sister in
Washington's Court,
and Waking Amy
3:15pm-4:00pmChristine Stoddard—Writing Books From Your Vantage Point
4:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
Winifred and Maggie
Their Music Adventure,
Modrad's Surrender,
and Among the
4:00pm-4:45Keynote Speaker
Brian Jay Jones—Jim Henson: The Biography

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