Frequently Asked Questions

While you're always welcome to contact the Festival team, you might find the answer to your question somewhere on the page below.

Exhibitors Registration Dates

  • Early Bird Reservation: January 1-February 28
  • Regular Registration: March 1-May 30
  • Late Registration: June 1-August 31

Registration Prices

Early Bird Registration

  • Single Exhibitor: $100 plus fees
  • Multi-exhibitor: $125 plus fees
  • Publishers/Writers Groups: $250 plus fees.

Regular Registration

  • Single Exhibitor: $125 plus fees
  • Multi-exhibitor: $150 plus fees
  • Publishers/Writers Groups: $300 plus fees.

Late Registration

  • Single Exhibitor: $150 plus fees
  • Multi-exhibitor: $175 plus fees
  • Publishers/Writers Groups: $350 plus fees.


Exhibitor FAQ


What are the hours?

The Festival is scheduled from 10am to 4pm. Exhibitors can start loading in at 9am. Exhibits are expected to remain set up until 4pm.


What exactly will I be provided?

  • Single Exhibitors will be given one (1) six foot table and two (2) chairs to use throughout the day. (100 square feet).
  • Multi-Exhibitors will be given one (1) six foot table and two (2) chairs to use throughout the day. (100 square feet).
  • Publishers/Writers Groups will be given two (2) six foot tables and three (3) chairs to use throughout the day. (100 square feet).


How many people can share a space?

  • Single Exhibitor: Maximum of one (1) exhibitor.
  • Multi-Exhibitor: Maximum of two (2) exhibitors.
  • Publisher/Writers Groups: Maximum of five (5) exhibitors (in person. You can bring books from your stable of authors or other writers in your group).


Can I pick who I share the 10x10 space with?

Only if you pay for a multi-exhibitor space or a publishers/writers groups space.


Why are you limiting the amount of people who can share a space?

  1. To provide as many options for potential customers without saturating the market.
  2. To provide affordable options for Exhibitors.


Should I bring anything else?

This is a rain or shine event. We recommend that you bring your own canopy.


I don’t have a business license. Can I still  exhibit?

YES! The Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival will purchase an umbrella license. This will cover any and all exhibitors who do not have one of their own. Just make sure you check the right box in the Registration Form.


What can I sell?

Exhibitors can sell books, graphic novels, magazines, and anything having to do with reading, literacy, publishing, or book arts.


I have bootleg comics, books, DVDs, etc Can I sell them?






Don't you want the table registration? 

Not that bad.


What about adult materials?

We are a family-friendly event. We strongly discourage exhibitors from selling materials of a sexually explicit or obscene nature, and outright forbid sexually explicit materials to be displayed. We realize this is a subjective topic, but we have the utmost confidence in our ability to judge. As such, we reserve the right to eject violators, without refund, at our discretion.


I don’t like what someone else at the book festival is selling. Why would you let them sell this?

This is also very subjective topic. Unless someone is selling pornographic materials or anything that can easily be deemed obscene, there’s nothing we can do. In addition, books and other materials sold by exhibitors do not reflect the beliefs and opinions of the Fredericksburg Book Festival LLC.


Can I bring food or beverages into the park?

Yes. Pack out what you pack in.


I don’t like where my table is. Can I move?

No. You actually chose the spot for your table.


But that table is empty. Can we move there?

No. Some Exhibitors might arrive late. If there is a last minute cancellation, we might move people, but this is done at our discretion. Moving on your own without asking permission can potentially lead to ejection without refund.


Is electricity available?

No. The electricity is for Festival business only.


But I see the panel over there, and you're running P.A. Systems. Can't I just hook in with an extension cord?

No. We're not trying to be mean. This is a safety issue. We can't have dozens of extension cords running all over the park.


Do you supply wifi?

No wifi is available at this time. Check out


How many books do you recommend that I bring to sell?

We can’t really comment on this. The amount of materials you bring to sell is entirely up to you.


But what if I don’t sell enough copies of my book or enough of my materials to cover the cost of the table and food and travel?

We cannot control how many people are interested in what you’re selling. In addition, while recouping costs is an important part of being an exhibitor, the festival is also set up as a celebration of books and literacy. Authors are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to network with other authors, provide giveaways, and come up with creative tactics to market your work to the public.


I’m worried that it might rain and my books/materials will get wet. What should I do?

Since this is a rain or shine event, we recommend you bring a canopy. The Fredericksburg Book Festival cannot be held liable for any materials that are affected by the wind, rain, sun, or other weather or factors beyond our control.


Attendee FAQ


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Nope! This is an all ages event. It's FREE to the public!


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

You can take the train into the city if you like, but driving to the event might be easier. There is a public lot in front of the park, and there is parking allowed on Riverfront Dr.


What are the hours?

The festival is scheduled from 10am to 4pm.


Where is it located?

Sophia Street (between Hanover & Charlotte Streets)


Where can I park?

Parking is available on city streets for two hours at a time. The lot in front of the park is not reserved for the festival. IT IS FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. There is no time limit in the parking lots. There is also a parking garage on Sophia Street.


Are there any places to eat?

You bet! UFO Food truck is going to be at our event!


Can I bring my dog?

Yep. We love dogs!


What else can I bring?

Pretty much anything, I guess. It's a book event. There'll be a whole bunch of authors there, so bring something that might impress one of them. A smoking jacket with leather elbow patches? A dictionary?


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?