The 3rd Annual Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival is Coming!

When: September 29, 2018
Where: Old Mill Park, Fredericksburg VA 22401
10am to 4pm


  • Regular Registration: February 16-April 30
  • Late Registration: May 1-August 31


Regular Registration:

  • Single Exhibitor—$125 plus Eventbrite fee
  • Multi-Exhibitor—$150 plus Eventbrite fee
  • Publishers/Writers Groups—$300 plus Eventbrite fee

Late Registration:

  • Single Exhibitor—$150 plus Eventbrite fee
  • Multi-Exhibitor—$175 plus Eventbrite fee
  • Publishers/Writers Groups—$350 plus Eventbrite fee


We've organized the festival by genre this year. There are limited amounts of tables per genre. Aisles will be ten to twelve feet wide. The number of tables were determined by attendee interest:

  • Horror/Sci-fi/Fantasy: 12 tables
  • Mystery/Thriller/Suspense: 12 tables
  • Non-fiction: 12 tables
  • Romance: 8 tables
  • YA: 8 tables
  • Historical Fiction: 6 tables
  • Publications/Other: 6 tables
  • Book Arts/Crafts: 6 tables
  • Children's Books: 6 tables
  • Publishers/Writers Groups: 4 tables
  • Poetry/Short Stories: 4 tables
  • Graphic Novels: 4 tables
  • Open Seating: 8 tables


What exactly will I be provided?

  • Single Exhibitors will be given one (1) six foot table and two (2) chairs to use throughout the day. (100 square feet).
  • Multi-Exhibitors will be given one (1) six foot table and two (2) chairs to use throughout the day. (100 square feet).
  • Publishers/Writers Groups will be given two (2) six foot tables and three (3) chairs to use throughout the day. (100 square feet).

How many people can share a space?

  • Single Exhibitor: Maximum of one (1) exhibitor.
  • Multi-exhibitor: Maximum of two (2) exhibitors.
  • Publisher/Writers Groups: Maximum of five (5) exhibitors (You can bring books from your stable of authors or other writers in your group).

Can I pick who I share the 10x10 space with?

Only if you pay for a multi-exhibitor space or a publishers/writers group space.

Why are you limiting the amount of people who can share a space?

  1. To provide as many options for customers without saturating the market.
  2. To provide affordable options for Exhibitors.

Why are you offering open seating?
Open Seating is an option for anybody who:

  1. Doesn't want to be located near their genre.
  2. Doesn't feel like any of the genres we offer fit their work.

In the "Publications/Other" section, what does "Other" mean?
This is similar to "Open Seating" only in a different section.

Is electricity available?