Meet Our Partners

The Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival depends its internal team and community partners in order to guarantee our exhibitors, sponsors and attendees a product with which they can be proud to be affiliated.

Our Founders

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James Noll


James Noll is a writer, a musician, and an educator from Fredericksburg, Virginia. He’s published three books: A Knife in the Back, You Will Be Safe Here, and Burn All The Bodies, and has published short fiction and poetry in WHURK! and the Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review. When he’s not writing, he produces music in his home studio and makes short documentaries on local bands, artists, and other interesting people.

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A.E. Bayne


A.E. Bayne is a writer, visual artist, and educator living in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She is the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review. Bayne writes monthly feature articles for Fredericksburg Front Porch Magazine and other regional periodicals. Her photography has been featured in two shows: Plastic Fantastic with E.C. Barker and A.E. Bayne (2013)  and The Contemporary Henna Designs of Shirley Donahue with Photography by A.E. Bayne (2014).

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Chris Jones


An award-winning journalist, editor, and graphic designer, Chris Jones lights up when he talks about stories, books, publishing, and the writing life.

In 2015, Chris wrote The Art & Business of Writing: A Practical Guide to the Writing Life, to help authors at any stage learn how to write more efficiently and market, promote, and sell their work effectively.

Chris hosts The Art & Business of Writing podcast, a show focused on helping writers with writing, marketing, and book promotion.

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