Meet the eclectic group of vendors that will be at the 2018 Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival on Saturday, September 29th. Click each author’s image to visit their webpages and learn more about them before visiting us in the fall. 


Cait Ashwood is an author of epic fantasy works that have a hard time staying in just one genre. With elements of science fiction, paranormal abilities, and even some time travel thrown in, the Order of the Lily series has something for everyone.

CHRIS BARCOMB is the writer/creator of the all age’s comic book series The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam. Superior Sam is an amputee superhero showing people what it’s like to be different while taking on the challenges of protecting his school. Chris is also an amputee and retired police officer.

Blair Cousins is the author of Ouji the Curious Cat and publisher of A Day in the Life of Cats coloring book series. She writes short stories, middle-grade children’s literature, and new adult science fiction.

Anthony Dobranski writes mature fantasy and science-fiction with big ideas and desperate characters. His first novel, The Demon in Business Class, is a hybrid urban fantasy / corporate thriller. He is working on a science fiction novel and an original tarot deck based on Demon. He lives in Washington DC.

E. G. Gaddess writes steampunk and Victorian vampire novels for young adults. Publishing her first novel, Dhampyr Heritage, in 2012, she has published six novels total—the final one this summer as part of “The Clan Campbell” series. She is a founding member of the DreamPunk Press publishing cooperative.  DreamPunk Press is a publishing cooperative established in 2012 in Tidewater Virginia. The small press strives to provide LGBTQ+ inclusive stories. In 2017, at the behest of one of their authors, the cooperative started using opendyslexic font, a font designed to aid those with dyslexia. Learn more at

Daniel is an avid traveler and physical fitness enthusiast with a deep passion for history. He is inspired by the works of George R.R. Martin, Steven Pressfield, Bernard Cornwell, and George Romero. Although he is a Midwesterner for life, he now lives on the East Coast.

K.D. Harp writes characters of character living in a fast-paced and deadly world that often lacks it. Driven to deliver a bang-up entertainment ride with an encouraging message, the Georgia State grad strives for romance that pushes past mere physicality, and edge-of-your-seat suspense.  The GENESIS semi-finalist is known for smart, real-world heroines who often MacGyver their way to safety with typical suburban Mom aplomb; jury-rigging flamethrowers with kitchen supplies or finding new uses for a fire extinguisher to escape an inferno, etc. (If this requires more police ride-alongs or a home test lab comparing ways to beat zip-tie handcuffs, so be it!)

Gregory D. Little is the author of the Unwilling Souls series, as well as stories in the A Game of Horns, Dragon Writers, and Undercurrents anthologies. He writes the kind of stories he likes to read, featuring vivid worlds, strong characters, and smart action all surrounding a core of mystery.

Morven Moeller, otherwise known as Mo, published their first novella, Sometimes Kat, Sometimes Kev, under the pseudonym Ms. Knowitall at fifteen. Heart of Brass, is the first in the new adult steampunk “A Brass Book” series. The second novella in the series, One Eye or Another, was published this summer.

R.C. Retterer is a native of Chicago and currently resides in Fredericksburg, VA. He began writing fiction at age sixty while teaching English to ESL students. He draws on experience gained as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador, an international airline steward and extensive travel. His interest in linguistics and George Orwell led him to wonder what life would be like on a New Animal Farm in today’s PC climate. Besides New Animal Farm: What Happened? his writings include Honor Among Thees; Fish or Cut Bait: A Fish Story of Sex, Non-Violence, Death and Dismemberment; and Strangers on a Plane.

J. Stewart Willis grew up in Alexandria, Virginia.  For several years he worked in industry just off the Beltway.  During those years he was involved or managed three major proposals.

Author David L. Winters is a New Carlisle, Ohio native who currently resides in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. He spent 34 in Government service with the Navy and a certain three-letter Agency. This book is his story of going crazy in life’s rat race and determining that the only way to sort things out was to abandon ship and take a sabbatical. His humorous account of the events leading up to his decision and the highlights of his months-long search for meaning make enjoyable and helpful reading for all.