Meet the eclectic group of exhibitors that will be at the 2018 Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival on Saturday, September 29th. Click on each author’s photo to visit their webpages and learn more about them before visiting us in the fall. 

RUTH ANN ALLAIRE We, that is you and me, are surrounded by and live with relationships. We have relationships with people– parents, children, lovers, spouses, friends, co-workers and even people we meet casually on the highway. Some even have relationships with things, for example, food, sugar, cigarettes. In Gallows, one of the poems in this book, the relationship between a man and alcohol is described. A peek into the various aspects of relationships is what this small volume is about. What fosters relationships? What hurts them? What is the nature of the exchange between two people? All of us have known another. Sometimes this occurs with great joy and sometimes with great sadness. People with all of their complex personalities bring to each relationship different aspects of their being. The other in the relationship offers back an equally complex persona. Such interactions occur between people of all ages and places. The Rooms To Rent, which are portraits of relationships, occur whether in Oman as in the cover of the book or next door.

ANN ALEXANDRA has been passionate about reading all of her life! “You can explore the world and embark on all kinds of adventures…just be opening a book!” she notes.

LYNDA ALLEN is the author of numerous poetry collections and a book that is is the culmination of eight years of personal practice, deep listening and allowing the words to flow freely through her heart to the page, The Rules of Creation. Lynda’s own evolution as a writer and storyteller has its roots in her empathetic nature. She had been a storyteller in one form or another all of her professional life through film and video. Her newest collection of poetry, Wild Divinity, will be available at Fred Book Fest.

TAMAR ANOLIC Triumph of a Tsar is Tamar’s second novel. Her other books are The Last Battle and The Russian Riddle. She has also had a number of short stories published: “Rumors of War,” in The Copperfield Review; “Before the Fire” in The Helix; and “Dark Night, Bright Sky,” in The Sandy River Review.


CAIT ASHWOOD is an author of epic fantasy works that have a hard time staying in just one genre. With elements of science fiction, paranormal abilities, and even some time travel thrown in, the Order of the Lily series has something for everyone.

APRIL BAIR is an opinionated behaviorist writing her way through life. Consistently distracted by the odd and off beat moments her current writing projects include Japanese inspired horror stories, young adult fantasy, a travel guide to Ireland, and a non-fiction motivational program The Path to Yes. In addition to her own pursuits as a writer April Bair founded the imprint Bair Ink which publishes visually stunning books sharing the unique stories of interesting people. She looks forward to attending the Algonkian Writer Program with Michael Neff prior to the Fredericksburg Independent Book Festival this year.


CHRIS BARCOMB is the writer/creator of the all age’s comic book series The Amazing Adventure of Superior Sam. Superior Sam is an amputee superhero showing people what it’s like to be different while taking on the challenges of protecting his school. Chris is also an amputee and retired police officer.

TIM BRIEN / KDOI Podcasting is focused on the principle of creating more than we consume. KDOI’s host, Tim “Kimo” Brien — Podcaster, Poet, Publisher, Painter, and Producer — does it all here. If you would like to get in contact, reach out at I look forward to working with you on your next project!

J. THOMAS BROWN is a novelist currently living in Richmond, Virginia. His book, The Land of Three Houses, begins where he lived as a boy with his family at Sterner’s Mill, Bucks County Pennsylvania, where much of the story takes place. His home was taken by eminent domain to create Lake Nockamixon, and now lies below the surface, along with the remains of covered bridges, stone farmhouses, settlers’ graves, and the Indian Cave. The Land of Three Houses travels back in time to the Tohickon Valley and the land beneath the lake in the 1790s. Mr. Brown has coproduced local TV writing shows and coordinated poetry readings at the Richmond Public Library, Richmond, Virginia. His short stories have appeared in The Zoo Fence and the Scarlet Leaf Review and will appear in Everywhere Stories: Short Fiction from a Small Planet, Volume III. He has contributed poems to the River City Poets Anthology: Lingering in the Margins (fall of 2018). His novel, The Land of Three Houses, was released March 30th of 2018. A second novel that takes place in Xinjiang, China, called The Hole in the Bone, is forthcoming. He is a member of James River Writers in Richmond, Virginia, Virginia Writers Club, and WriterHouse in Charlottesville, Virginia.


T.M. BROWN is a Southern boy at heart, although he’s lived and traveled in many states far removed from his beloved boyhood roots in Georgia and Florida. He returned to his Southern roots several years ago while his two sons were still in school and regularly traveled throughout the South before returning to college shortly after his youngest son graduated. In the last fifteen years he has preached, taught and coached in Alabama, Georgia and Florida until his wife and he moved outside of Atlanta and retired to write, travel, and spoil grandchildren. @TMBrownauthor

PHIL BUDAHN is a prospective future member of Specters Anonymous. He says the planned 12-book series of comic fantasy novels explores “the dividing line between spirituality, superstition and mulch.” He lives with his wife, Lee, in Arlington, Va. During his previous planes of existence, he has been an Army intelligence officer, a newspaper reporter, a full-time veterans advocate, and the author of six non-fiction books.

A. JULIAN BURGOWER is the author of Sleep Turns To Monster: A Poetic Journey Through Life, Love and Lonliness. A veteran of the United States Marine Corps and based out of his home in Frederick, Maryland, his passion for poetry emerged after reading the contemporary classic “Jack Dempsey’s Grave.”

AILEEN COOK I am an emerging artist of sorts, a dreamer! As a child, I was the one with the overactive imagination, with my teachers always telling me to get my head out of the clouds. I told lots of stories, some believable, others very much tall tale. I suppose it has always been in my blood to write books; I just didn’t realize it until 2004 when attempted to write my first piece. In 2005 I imagined a race of humans born of magic who could fly, cast spells, live simply, and be carefree; it was then that the Pharian Chronicles were born. My writing just progressed as the ideas have continued to flow with many more waiting to be written.


BLAIR COUSINS is the author of Ouji the Curious Cat and publisher of A Day in the Life of Cats coloring book series. She writes short stories, middle-grade children’s literature, and new adult science fiction.

T.S. CREAGER About The End of Time: In this rather silly time travel adventure, Dhlara and Jylling are two ordinary young people living in the modern day, until the Duke of Wellington, a 19th century British general with a fondness for shouting, steps into their lives. He transports (or abducts, depending on who you ask) them to the Ministries of Time, a secret group of organizations that exist at the edge of time which have control over absolutely everything that has ever happened. There, he gives them grave news: Napoleon Bonaparte has gone and ruined a perfectly good history of the world by traveling back in time with a monstrously huge squid that can walk on land. Through utilizing such a dastardly stratagem, Napoleon has won the Battle of Waterloo, and is building upon that victory to rule the entire world. Dhlara and Jylling, says the Duke of Wellington, must stop Napoleon to save all of history and time itself! But soon they meet Melvin the “previously embodied head,” as he prefers to call himself, and they discover that things will only get even more strange.


DES&DESI Through our Chemistry program, young students will learn basic chemistry concepts and master the fundamental science vocabulary while performing hands-on experiments with safe nontoxic materials and equipment especially suited for young minds. The goal of our program is to help the learning of chemistry concepts exciting and comfortable so that a foundation for learning the higher sciences can be established. It is our belief that when chemistry is introduced at an early age, more complex concepts may be easily integrated in future areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

PA DUNCAN is a retired bureaucrat with an overactive imagination—at least that’s what everyone has told her since she first started making up stories while in elementary school, prompted by her weekly list of spelling words. A commercial pilot and former FAA safety official, she lives and writes in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. A graduate of Madison College (now James Madison University), she has degrees in history and political science. Politics and history tend to work their way into her writing. She is the President of the Board of Governors of the Virginia Writers Club (VWC), one of the oldest writer organizations in the country. Her fiction has won contests (including the 2016 VWC Golden Nib Award) and has appeared in numerous literary journals and anthologies. When not writing, reading, singing in a UU choir, watching the Yankees, or cheering on Dale Earnhardt, Jr., she delights in spoiling her grandchildren.

DREAMPUNK PRESS a publishing cooperative established in 2012 in Tidewater Virginia. The small press strives to provide LGBTQ+ inclusive stories. In 2017, at the behest of one of their authors, the cooperative started using opendyslexic font, a font designed to aid those with dyslexia.


ANTHONY DOBRANSKI writes mature fantasy and science-fiction with big ideas and desperate characters. His first novel, The Demon in Business Class, is a hybrid urban fantasy / corporate thriller. He is working on a science fiction novel and an original tarot deck based on Demon. He lives in Washington, D.C.

CHRISTINE A. EMERY has been entertaining children for over 13 years. Storytelling, face painting, balloons, and magic are just some of the ways she spreads joy and laughter, always with an encouraging, positive message. She loves adventures and treasure hunts. Her most valuable treasure is her supportive, loving husband, Brian, and her four wonderful, amazing children, Joshua, Zachary, Kellie, and Josiah.

KELLIE R. EMERY is a graphic designer and illustrator of four books. She has an obsession with shiny lights and loves to paint on both faces and canvases. One day, Kellie plans on moving to Ireland with her polar bear friend, Toulouse, where they will make cookies and cheesecakes.

JEN FINELLI  I’m a world-traveling, award-nominated author and screenwriter deeply in love. Because I’m also graduating med school next month, and doctors are weird, I try to write things that make people leak bodily fluids. Like tears of hope. Or “OMG-THAT-WAS-AWESOME-I-JUST-WET-MY-PANTS.” Or the inspired sweat of fighting for what matters. Explosive things, kind superheroes, crude secret agents, sparkly fairies, biochemistry, guns, facts, and offensive gods show up in my pages, and sometimes that gets me published or gets me money or gets me in trouble. You can find my interactive resume (and awards) here, but if you want to get to know me a little, or tell me about the things YOU like, you should follow me on twitter. You’ll get a free short story if you do. You should DEFINITELY follow or subscribe to my writing blog for free fiction goodies, and to my e-mail list for secret opportunities and codes I steal for you. Let’s change the world together.

YASHMAK FOSTER-NEWMY is a veteran Army officer with nearly 25-years of active duty services; she served 15-years as an enlisted soldier which also consisted of being an Army Drill Sergeant; She served 10-years as an officer in which her duties included company commander, Brigade S3 and Brigade S1.


E. G. GADDESS writes steampunk and Victorian vampire novels for young adults. Publishing her first novel, Dhampyr Heritage, in 2012, she has published six novels total—the final one this summer as part of “The Clan Campbell” series. She is a founding member of the DreamPunk Press publishing cooperative.  DreamPunk Press is a publishing cooperative established in 2012 in Tidewater Virginia. The small press strives to provide LGBTQ+ inclusive stories. In 2017, at the behest of one of their authors, the cooperative started using opendyslexic font, a font designed to aid those with dyslexia. Learn more at

KRISTIN GEORGE is a published author with both a BA and MA in English. She has had a murder mystery entitled Bitter Disconnect published by eLectio Publishing, has published a children’s book titled Ruger Tails, and has had nineteen articles published. She is currently a freelance writer and editor.

G GILLIAM – Atomic Rapture Book Arts – I love to make things. I especially love to find crafty things I can make on the cheap. Creativity shouldn’t have to be expensive.

DR. HERBERT L. GREEN was born in New Orleans, L.A., has been active in ministries at Brooks Methodist (LA), Spotswood Baptist (VA), and St. George’s Episcopal (VA). A born-again Christian, Green is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha National Fraternity and Epsilon Delta Sigma Management Honor Society. He has a Master’s and Doctorate in public administration & policy, University of New Orleans (UNO) and Nova Southeastern University (NSU). He taught and conducted social science research for nearly 25 years at several institutions including George Washington University (GWU) and Central Michigan University (CMU). He enjoys reading/research, singing, bicycling, and tennis. His favorite sports team is the New England Patriots.


DANIEL GREENE is an avid traveler and physical fitness enthusiast with a deep passion for history. He is inspired by the works of George R.R. Martin, Steven Pressfield, Bernard Cornwell, and George Romero. Although he is a Midwesterner for life, he now lives on the East Coast.

JEANNENE HALL says she was not exceptional when it came to creative writing classes, but she knew there was a part of her that was destined to create some wonderful stories. She chose a career dedicating her life to animals. After becoming a mother of a wonderful, but timid daughter, her creative writing blossomed. Her daughter gave her the inspiration to create what she knew she could.


K.D. HARP writes characters of character living in a fast-paced and deadly world that often lacks it. Driven to deliver a bang-up entertainment ride with an encouraging message, the Georgia State grad strives for romance that pushes past mere physicality, and edge-of-your-seat suspense.  The GENESIS semi-finalist is known for smart, real-world heroines who often MacGyver their way to safety with typical suburban Mom aplomb; jury-rigging flamethrowers with kitchen supplies or finding new uses for a fire extinguisher to escape an inferno, etc. (If this requires more police ride-alongs or a home test lab comparing ways to beat zip-tie handcuffs, so be it!)


GORDON HARRIS lives in Virginia with his wife Judy, twin daughters Violet and Silver, and three gerbils who are now dead and buried. But even if they were still alive, their names would escape him.
He received his BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design but sadly, his day job is NOT writing, drawing and coloring graphic novels for children or adults. So instead he watches PBS KIDS shows like Curious George, Wild Kratts or Odd Squad and writes promos for them – among other everyday tasks. Gordon enjoys self-publishing his series of mini-comics and the critically acclaimed graphic novel, PEDESTRIAN. He recently published his first graphic novel for children called, MISTAKEN IDENTITY. He enjoys writing, illustrating, coloring, printing, cutting, folding and stapling his zines and mini-comics from his small, but adequate studio in the first floor of his humble, raised-ranch. He is currently working on a second series of four mini-comics, a new t-shirt design and other miscellaneous dribble. Please visit and/or for more.

GWEN HOLSAPPLE is an avid runner, beach bum and loving mother of three, but her shocking expertise lies in the field of crippling depression. As a graphic designer in Baltimore, she was critically hospitalized, and this turned out to be a good thing – apart from nearly dying of course. Now free to fulfill her destiny as a novelist, she honestly could not think of what to reveal in this bio without scaring people away. This is precisely what The Cinder Pill is about: perseverance through adversity with some heavy reality, along with a lot of insane humor and plenty of heat as well. Available on Amazon.

FRANK E. HOPKINS writes realistic crime fiction portraying social and political issues, including three novels: Unplanned Choices, The Opportunity, and Abandoned Homes: Vietnam Revenge Murders which won first place in the mystery/thriller category in the Maryland Writers Association 2018 novel contest and one collection of short stories, First Time.

ELIZABETH CHEVALIER HULL lives in coastal Virginia with her fabulous husband in a house brimming with books.


S.A. HUNTER lives in Virginia and works for a university library. She has published eight novels, including her popular Scary Mary Series. She is a member of SFWA and is involved with the local non-profit WriterHouse. She enjoys the usual author delights: reading, writing, and talking about those things. She’s an animal lover and has studied art. She drinks too much coffee and doesn’t get enough sleep.

THERESA KAY is an avid reader and author of the Broken Skies and Bright Beyond series of books. She is a member of the Rebel Writers group.

JUDY KELLY is an adjunct professor at Montgomery College where she has taught speech and college reading and English. She enjoys bicycling, running and walking as well as the theatre, movies and museums. But her favorite pastimes are reading and writing. Her latest novel, Blessings and Curses was published February, 2018 and her first novel, That Ever Died So Young, was published in 2014. That Ever Died So Young was a finalist in the Somerset Literary and Contemporary Fiction Award for 2014. She specializes in dialogue and has given presentations on dialogue at conferences and meetings. She is a member of Maryland Writers’ Association, Montgomery County chapter that she organized. She was vice president, program chair and is now president of the chapter. She is also a member of Easter Shore Writers’ Association. Judy has attended numerous conferences, and workshops on fiction writing and screen writing. She teaches a workshop in fiction writing at Montgomery College, in the Life Long Learning Institute and at Frederick Community College in the Life Long Learning Institute.


JULIE KRANTZ Funny, frank, and affable, Julie Krantz often describes herself as “one of those kids who headed to the library for a good time.” A lifelong bibliophile, Julie showed an early interest in writing, publishing her first article for the Riverton, NJ newspaper in eighth grade. Now a full-time poet, picture book writer and novelist, Julie’s work can be found in Spider Magazine and the SCBWI National Bulletin as well as in various other print and online forums. Her forthcoming picture book, YOSHI’S YUCCA, first appeared as a short story in the September 2007 issue of Spider, for which it received a Letter of Merit from the SCBWI Magazine Merit Award Committee in 2008. Julie has also won several other prestigious writing awards, including a 2006 Emerging Artists Grant from the Durham, NC Arts Council and a First Place in Children’s Writing from Carteret Writers, Inc. in 2000. A graduate of Douglass College and Rutgers University (M.A., M.Phil., A.B.D.), she recently earned an Honors Certificate in Creative Writing from UCLA-Extension.

WALT KUENSTLER Myth, Magic and Marketing shows how to create powerful brands by connecting your product story to timeless myths and ancient magic rooted in our common heritage. Using humor and historical perspective, marketing guru Walt Kuenstler teaches how to transform casual shoppers into eager converts to your brand’s special gospel.

FLORENZA DENISE LEE February 1, 2014, Florenza dreamed she was reading a book to thousands of children and their caregivers. Believing that this was more than a “mere” dream, she awakened and wrote down all that she remembered reading, and the rest, as they say, is history. Florenza Denise Lee is a radio talk show host, motivational speaker, certified life coach, freelance writer, blogger, and children’s eBooks author and publisher. Florenza writes for several online publications. Her children’s eBooks: Welcome Home Daddy, Love Lexi; The Tail of Max the Mindless Dog – A Children’s Book on Mindfulness; Barry Bear’s Very Best – Learning to Say No to Negative Influences; and El Mejor Esfuerzo Del Oso Barry – Aprendiendo a Decir No a Influencias Negativas (Spanish Edition of Barry Bear) are published by her company, Words to Ponder Publishing Company, LLC and are available on Amazon. She works with the cities of Newport News and Hampton conducting Mindfulness and her Material Matters Workshops for at-risk students.

JOAN CRITZ LIMBRICK‘s imaginative style has unfolded over the years as she has continued to be influenced by her study of bio-energetic healing and her curiosity about life. She is an award winning painter, a potter, a published poet, and an author of children’s book. A Transpersonal Hypno-therapist and Reiki Master, she currently facilitates Reconnective Healing (

MARA MAHAN lives in Virginia with her family, her dog and that vaguely eldritch entity that lives under the bed. She spends most of her time writing, and spends the rest of her time juggling, reading, playing video games, fighting zombies, and occasionally even sleeping. Her (yet unfinished) novel, Cataclysm, won a silver medal in the 2013 National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and her poetry won gold and silver keys at the regional level of that same contest. Her (completely finished) novel, Wardbreaker, is available on Amazon, and Windswept, the next book, is probably coming soon-ish. Follow her on Twitter @MaraMahan

MICHELLE McBETH has been writing science fiction books and short stories since 2012. One of her short stories, “A Fire Drill in Motherhood”, has been published in the Virginia Writers Club Centennial Anthology. She three published books in her series, “The Sphere Saga”, and is working on the remaining two. She lives in Alexandria, VA with her family where she spends her days working as an engineer for the Navy, and her nights engaging the other half of her brain as an author, actor, and creator. More information about Michelle and links to her works can be found on her website.

CHRIS McLEAN is an award-winning novelist. He created the CrimeFighters: Defenders of Justice characters. The CrimeFighters are a diverse group of heroes that teach safety lessons to young readers. Chris spent over ten years in law-enforcement and uses his experiences to demand readers’ attention with realistic scenarios throughout his stories.


JASON MICHAEL is the author of the But I Love Him Anyway children’s book series, including: Daddy Doesn’t Purr and Mommy Made a Beastie. He’s also written A Haiku A Day and True Haiku For You. His books are available on Amazon.

JAMIE MILLOY As a recent transplant to Fredericksburg from Northern Virginia, I have enjoyed the opportunity to be inspired by the historic buildings and other aesthetic sights. Outside of the time I spend writing, I also enjoy cultivating a large organic vegetable garden and landscaping my unruly yard. While I have written political nonfiction in the past, I am quickly finding my passion in a combination of “personal growth” fiction novellas and alternative takes on Eastern philosophy. I live with my amazingly supportive husband, and our dog, snake, and turtle. Current publications include Through My Eyes: Viewing the Trump Transition as a Straight White Millennial and Eight Thousand Miles to Midtown. Coming soon, Seven Cages.

MORVEN MOELLER, otherwise known as Mo, published their first novella, Sometimes Kat, Sometimes Kev, under the pseudonym Ms. Knowitall at fifteen. Heart of Brass, is the first in the new adult steampunk “A Brass Book” series. The second novella in the series, One Eye or Another, was published this summer.

LYNN YVONNE MOON is the award-winning American author of the successful Agency Series. She created the concept of The Agency in the 1990’s, wondering what the implications would be if government power and money was unlimited. Lynn has worked for both State and Federal Government since the 1980’s and uses her long reaching personal experiences to captivate her audience with realistic stories of political corruption and black Government espionage. Her award winning middle grade novel, The Tower, a powerful story of schoolyard bullying, has received world-wide attention. To date, The Tower has won several awards including The Moonbeam Children’s Book Award (Gold) and the IPPY (Silver). Her YA Reflection series debuted 2015 and was nominated to the Junior Literary Guild. Her children’s book, Ten Rules About Monsters, released in 2016, won the Mother’s Choice Award for most wholesome family entertainment. Lynn holds an MPA in Public Administration from Troy State University and an MFA in Literature from Lindenwood University.

MARK NESBITT Historian, author Ghosts of Gettysburg

LESLEY PRYOR NEWMAN has lived and worked in Virginia, Oregon, New York, and Arizona in the United States. Sh has also resided in Australia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Vietnam
She’s traveled to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, El Salvador, and Colombia, and she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, camping, and, of course, traveling.Lesley likes to watch good movies (always with popcorn), finish crossword puzzles, and win at Scrabble.


BRYAN NOWAK A resident of NOVA, author Bryan Nowak writes paranormal thriller and horror novels. His most recent novel, Crimson Tassels, comes right on the heels of Riapoke. This will be his third appearance at FIBF. Stop by and say hello.

RICK PULLEN‘s career was all journalism: investigative reporter for different newspapers and later inventive magazine editor. The two roles in the same business exposed his two very different sides: he thrives on the thrill of an investigation, and he has a creative curiosity for design and writing he could never tame. So in 2011 he merged the two and started writing fiction. In 2016 he published his first political thriller, NAKED AMBITION, which he will be selling at the festival!

LYNETTE REED (Once Upon a Blue Moon Marbling) makes handmade books and note cards made with hand-marbled paper, as well as sheets of hand-marbled paper bookbinders.


R.C. RETTERER is a native of Chicago and currently resides in Fredericksburg, VA. He began writing fiction at age sixty while teaching English to ESL students. He draws on experience gained as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador, an international airline steward and extensive travel. His interest in linguistics and George Orwell led him to wonder what life would be like on a New Animal Farm in today’s PC climate. Besides New Animal Farm: What Happened? his writings include Honor Among Thees; Fish or Cut Bait: A Fish Story of Sex, Non-Violence, Death and Dismemberment; and Strangers on a Plane.

TANYA M. RICHEY is a master fine artist who has painted and exhibited around the world. Her writing was inspired in 2014 when she was presented with a rare opportunity to live in Japan for two years. At 66 years old, knowing nothing about Japan, she closed her successful art gallery in Fredericksburg, Virginia and moved to the Tokyo suburbs where she endeavored to capture the Spirit of Japan as she saw it. Tanya always said “painting is the way to center myself and interpret the world around me” and she always sought to understand both past and present of the places she traveled. Soon after arriving in Japan she learned that ancient Japanese Haiku masters said women are too emotional to write proper haiku so in an appropriate emotional outburst she proceeded to write a haiku nearly every day for the next two years. Tanya called her haiku inspired poetry MYku. Her artists’ journey of MuKu poetry and brilliant artwork are published in twelve volume series books published by Bair Ink.

RIVERSIDE WRITERS CLUB is dedicated to the advancement of writing and strives to provide the atmosphere to help our members strengthen their writing skills. Whether you are a beginning author or already published, we provide the tools to help you pursue your desire to write, compose poetry or just become a better writer. Riverside Writers Club members are friendly, supportive and interested in improving their writing as well as helping others. If you are not already a member, check us out. Consider joining and grow along with us. Members of the Riverside Writers meet monthly to share their talent and knowledge of writing with one another. This fellowship enjoys programs which expose the members to various aspects of the writing life including discussions about books written by the visiting guests, readings by authors, questions and answer sessions which delve into subjects from how to get work published, finding an agent and how others write. Additionally, members enjoy a lively session of critiques which gives them a sounding board for their work.

REBECCA ROCK has been writing since childhood and published her first book of four in 2007. Her books Daywalker and Nightstalker have won several awards, and her first middle school book, Aquarius, received a Five Star rating from Reader’s Favorite.

ARCADIA SHANKLIN  My Father Lived Radiantly: a collection of writings by Arkady
Journaling the aftermath of loss as it unfolded, this is a daughter’s reflections on her father’s sudden death and the ways in which his life intersected with her own. Arcadia was raised all crazy, up and down the eastern US, and now lives outside Richmond with her husband, their five wild and free children, a cat and a potbellied pig. My Father Lived Radiantly is her first published work.

CAROL MCELHANEY SHELTON likes other dog breeds as evidenced by her pen name, Marla Beagle but she sure is partial to poodles. She hopes readers will realize how a friendly helping hand gets a dog a paw closer to finding a forever family. The Adventures of Hot Cocoa and Salt Water Taffy tells the true story of two poodles traveling by train, plane, and poodle taxi. Marla Wears A Halo shares the true story of Marla, a standard poodle, who loses her eye sight but finds a wonderful purpose in life. Her books and signing schedule are available on and Amazon, and Facebook @hartwoodpetlodge.

DR. THERESA SNELL  I am a writer. I cannot recall a time that stories were not a part of how I saw myself. I have files and notebooks filled to bursting with nearly illegible poetry, short stories, and novels I’ve barely begun. I scratch them out on napkins, flyers, and in my precious moleskin notebook. I rewrite endings to movies and other novels to better suit my vision of the characters-in fact I truly enjoy having the chance to do that. I believe in the modeling and teaching of self-care strategies. If we show our children that we value our wellness and theirs, share our practice with them, and encourage their journeys then imagine the adults they might become.

CHRISTINE STERLING is passionate about writing, cooking, gardening, teaching others to write and publish their first book. She straddles the line between fiction and non-fiction, not only writing Historical Romance and personal development books but helping other authors in multiple romance genres and authorpreneur in the personal development book space. She is known for her Silver Pines series, her Black Hills Brides series, and her devotionals and journals.

RYSA WALKER Timebound, the first book in my CHRONOS Files series, was the Young Adult and Grand Prize winner in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. The CHRONOS Files series has sold nearly half a million copies since 2013 and has been translated into fourteen languages.

RENEA WESTLY One morning, Renea Westly woke up and realized the empty nest was racing towards her. With a nudge, okay a shove, from her family and friends she decided it was time to chase her dream. Since then, she has released the nonfiction book, The Possum Palace and Other Redneck Tales, as well as a fiction book in the Multi-Author Series Silverpines, Wanted Preacher. Renea can usually be found in her Virginia home near her computer with scattered notes, a pen collection out of this world, more journals that anyone truly needs and a steaming cup of coffee as she chases down the muses rattling around in her head. When not writing, she can be found dragging husband, daughter, or son to the movies, chasing kiddos around the local CrossFit Forward box, or napping. Napping is as important as coffee, funny thing – her next book is about coffee! Follow her on Instagram. Beware of the cat photos.

J. STEWART WILLIS grew up in Alexandria, Virginia.  For several years he worked in industry just off the Beltway.  During those years he was involved or managed three major proposals.


MARTIN WILSEY is a full time author, hunter, photographer, rabble rouser, father, friend, marksman, story teller, frightener of children, carnivore, engineer, fool, philosopher, cook and madman. Mr. Wilsey has more projects than he has time. He and his wife Brenda live in Virginia with their cats.

SHANE WILSON is the author of magical realism stories. His debut novel, A Year Since the Rain, was long-listed for the 2017 Southern Book Prize. His follow-up novel The Smoke in His Eyes is available now from GenZ Publishing.  Born in Alabama and raised in Georgia, Shane is a child of the southeastern United States where he feels simultaneously at-home and out-of-place. He graduated from Valdosta State University in southern Georgia with a Masters in English. He taught college English in Georgia for four years before moving to North Carolina in 2013. No matter the temperature outside, there is always an iced coffee in his hand when he walks into class in the mornings. He tends to chase the day with a whiskey and a re-run of The Office. Shane is the winner of the 2017 Rilla Askew Short Fiction Prize. His short story “The Boy Who Kissed the Rain,” is nominated for a 2018 Pushcart Prize. He has been published in Conclave, Tethered by Letters, and the Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Volume III, and he is a contributor for New York Journal of Books. He is currently at work on a new novel.
JASON WINN has been writing since the mid-1700’s when he was asked by the founding fathers to help with a little document called the Deceleration of F’ing Independence. He spends his free time reading to blind kittens and consulting with fallen African dictators on how to use art as therapy. He hopes that one day he can give all this awesomeness up and just write novels, short fiction and comics.


DAVID L. WINTERS is a New Carlisle, Ohio native who currently resides in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. He spent 34 in Government service with the Navy and a certain three-letter Agency. This book is his story of going crazy in life’s rat race and determining that the only way to sort things out was to abandon ship and take a sabbatical. His humorous account of the events leading up to his decision and the highlights of his months-long search for meaning make enjoyable and helpful reading for all.