2017 Schedule

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10am-11amWelcome to
the 2017
Book Festival!
Welcome to
the 2017
Book Festival!
Welcome to
the 2017
Book Festival!
11:15am-12:00pmBob Oller—How Book Illustrators Tell & Sell Your Story
12:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
A Knife in the Back,
and The Amazing
Adventure of
Superior Sam
12:00pm-12:30pmLarry Hinkle (Music)
12:30pm-1:00pmPanel 1— Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi
Genre as metaphor: The monsters (or bad guys) are us!

Moderated By: Brian Paone
Panelists: Leslie Heath, Erin Crocker, Keith Fentonmiller, John Gaines, Keith Fentonmiller, Anthony Dobranski
Panel 2—Romance
Beyond the beats: How to create a story that is intriguing AND satisfies audience expectations.

Moderators: Carey Heywood and Mary Behre
Panelists: Natalina Reis, Maryann Jordan, Katie Baldwin
Grace DeLeesie, Pamela K. Kinney/Sapphire Phelan
1:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
The Fire King,
Georgiana Darcy,
and The Last
Mayor's Son,
1:15pm-1:45pmTasha Fuller—How to Promote Your Book Like a Pro
2:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
Desert Jewel,
and Vargrom:
Modrad's Exile
2:15pm-3:00pmPanel 3— Mystery/Thriller: Writing a dynamic protagonist

Moderator: TBA
Panelists: Adriana Arrington, William Wilson, D.B. Corey, P.A. Duncan, Suzi Weinert
Panel 4—YA: Respecting your audience: Tapping into real teenage problems

Moderator: Theresa Kay
Panelists: Rysa Walker, Mara Mahan, Erin Crocker, Marianne Kirby
3:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
Natasha and the
Christmas Wish,
King Arthur's Sister in
Washington's Court,
and Waking Amy
3:15pm-4:00pmChristine Stoddard—Writing Books From Your Vantage Point
4:00pmRaffle-- Kindle Fire +
Winifred and Maggie
Their Music Adventure,
Modrad's Surrender,
and Among the
4:00pm-4:45Keynote Speaker
Brian Jay Jones—Jim Henson: The Biography